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Iranian rice is one of the best types of rice in the world and it is unique in terms of its nutritional value, digestibility and durability after cooking

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Considering the variety of Iranian rice types and the variety of tastes and preferences of consumers and in order to satisfy the customers, in addition to the introduced products of "Zarfam Rice", we order the supply and delivery of rice in any amount from the types of rice in Gilan, Mazandaran and Gorgan provinces. With the best possible price and quality, it will be accepted by the shipping and distribution fleet as soon as possible.
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Sadri (bony blacktail)

 Tarem Sanghi

 Ali Kazemi




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"Zarfam Rice" has tried to produce one of the best types of organic and natural rice and experience the flavor of Iranian rice by planting, maintaining and harvesting from high-quality paddy fields in Talash region of Gilan province, as well as having the most modern quality control and packaging facilities. brought to its customers




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